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J&S Innovations Smart Window eases access for everyone while at home or away.  We are bringing the latest in home automation, automated home windows.  J&S Smart Windows operate through your smart device application.  

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All components communicate with each other via wifi.  Internal batteries, along with a proprietary frequency ensures the system works despite internet or power outages.

Operate your home windows while at home or away through wifi or bluetooth technology.  This gives you the convenience and peace of mind while away from home.  

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In addition to automated home windows we offer carbon monoxide detection.  Our carbon monoxide detectors communicate with J&S Smart Windows to open when carbon monoxide is detected.

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Patent Pending

    We are a business that focuses on home improvement and home innovations. We are located in the state of Minnesota with hope to expand our factories as needed as we grow into a larger company.

    The automated windows with carbon monoxide detecting abilites is our main focus. We believe this to be an issue that everyone can face in their homes at least once in their lifetime.  We want to make it easier for families to go to bed at night knowing that our windows will open up when the sensor is tripped so the fresh air from outside can flow inside. Along with the carbon monoxide sensor you will also be able to control the windows using an application on your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

    There are many benefits to having windows that can be controlled remotely through a smart device.  First, you have the peace of mind knowing that if you forget to close your window when you leave the house you can close it at anytime.  Second, for the handicap people who struggle to open the windows by themselves can now open any window they wish at any time.  Third, everyone has those hard to reach windows that we would like to see open.  We have a plan for these windows to work and to be affordable for every family to own.

    With our wholesale suppliers we can mass produce our windows at the same cost as other window manufacturers even with our added technology.  With the added peace of mind you will not have to break your bank.


Justin Berry, Owner and President

Seth Remund-Hauwiller, Owner and CEO

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Active the "test" button by using a paper clip

Interior light creates wall glow effect

Perforation allows air to circulate freely

The detector can be hard wired to power through the wall, or plugged into a standard 120v outlet with the provided adapter

Synced with App

Alert / Notification

CO Detected

The CO Detector, window unit, and app communicate wirelessly